2014 Atlanta Braves Honorary Bat Girl

Each Mother’s Day, Major League Baseball honors fans who have courageously battled breast cancer by hosting its annual “Honorary Bat Girl” contest. Fans around the league are invited to submit stories of individuals that have demonstrated resilience throughout their journey.

This year Mother’s Day we celebrated Lori Smith, a courageous Braves fan who “Goes to Bat Against Breast Cancer” in her daily life. As part of our continued support in bringing awareness to this disease, we were honored to present Lori as the 2014 Atlanta Braves Honorary Bat Girl.


Initially nominated by her twin sister, Lori was ultimately selected for her incredible journey and her strength to overcome breast cancer by a selection committee including our very own Braves first baseman, Freddie Freeman, Evan Longoria of the Tampa Bay Rays, Pablo Sandoval of the San Francisco Giants, country music superstar and Atlanta Braves fan Jason Aldean, and Sam Ryan, MLB Network host and reporter.


Lori was only 35-years-old when she was diagnosed with Breast Cancer and went through 20 rounds of chemotherapy. During this time, she worked two jobs, went through chemo during her lunch hour, and would then return to work never missing a beat. After her second week of chemo, Lori decided to shave her head and proudly sported her new look everywhere. This was her way of embracing her story and showcasing her bravery and fearlessness. Cancer never slowed Lori down, as it was simply a speed bump in the road on her incredible journey. She has been cancer-free now for two and a half years and continues to go in for regular checkups. Lori is a beacon of hope for those struggling through breast cancer recovery, with her positive attitude and demeanor.

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Pam Gonzalez, wife of Braves Manager Fredi Gonzalez along with Theresa Tosca, wife of Braves Coach Carlos Tosca met with Lori in the Braves Dugout before the game to present her with her very own MLB authentic pink bat engraved with her name, a pink laced baseball, and other goodies in celebration of her incredible journey. Lori was truly surprised when Freddie Freeman came out to meet her and give her one of his famous Freeman hugs. Braves pitchers Alex Wood and Kris Medlen also took the time to congratulate her.

Chicago Cubs v Atlanta Braves

If you or a loved one is a breast cancer survivor, join us for the Atlanta Braves Breast Cancer Awareness Day on Sunday, September 21 at Turner Field. Visit braves.com/bcawareness to register. Survivors will receive a complementary ticket, a pre-game walk on the field, and a commemorative pink Breast Cancer Awareness t-shirt. We are so proud of Lori and all of the breast cancer survivors in Braves Country!


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Congrats to the Atlanta Braves Honorary Bat Girl, Lori Smith!

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I’m very proud of the Braves for the work they do in battling breast cancer. I was wondering however if there is anything that the organization can do for a young 10 yr old girl battling a rare form of brain cancer? They are originally from Atlanta but are spending the next several weeks in Jacksonville undergoing radiation. She still manages to keep a smile on her face however, so I was wondering if there was some way to reward her after radiation is completed and they are back in Atlanta?

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