Braves Care – Earth Day Cleanup at Piedmont Park

In honor of Earth Day, Braves front office staff visited the Piedmont Park Conservancy to help restore a garden that the park uses for educational purposes by removing invasive plants and trash.


Piedmont Park Conservancy is a nonprofit organization, working with the City of Atlanta for the preservation of historic Piedmont Park. Since their start in 1989, the Conservancy has successfully restored the historic portion of Piedmont Park. The Conservancy has raised and invested more than $60 million for park beautification, maintenance/security, programs, and also includes a 53-acre expansion of green space. The Piedmont Park Conservancy has also successfully transformed the once dilapidated park into the most visited green space in Atlanta.

When we arrived, the garden had a ton of built up weeds and dead plants that were completely taking over the space. During our visit, we helped remove the plants and trash that were damaging the crops and made the garden a more desirable place for visitors to enjoy. The garden manager, Mary, was eager to educate us on all the different plants in the garden, invasive ones as well as productive ones. Mary gave us a tutorial on each crop that she has planted in the garden and what it requires to help each one grow. We learned how butterflies and worms are an important part of a gardens growth and even got to try mint leaves and thyme right off the vine!

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By the time our visit at the park had come to a close, Mary’s garden and Piedmont Park looked completely transformed. We did our part to make an impact on the community for Earth Day, make sure you get out there and make a difference in preserving Braves Country!

To learn more about the Piedmont Park Conservancy, please visit:

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