Atlanta Braves Foundation 50/50 Raffle History

The Atlanta Braves Foundation 50/50 Raffle gives fans an opportunity to win big at every home game throughout the season. Fans may purchase raffle tickets from sellers throughout the stadium. The tickets are sold electronically so the current pot is constantly updated showing fans how much they can earn.

On Friday, June 28th 44,033 fans were at Turner Field for Chipper Jones’ jersey retirement ceremony. These 44,033 fans also witnessed a different kind of history that night – 50/50 raffle history. The jackpot on that particular night reached a total of $41,882 and one very lucky fan took home a whopping $20,591. That total is the highest the Atlanta Braves Foundation 50/50 Raffle has ever reached.


The winning ticket was sold by one of our top sellers, Sloan Bunting, sold the winning ticket and had the pleasure of meeting our winner – Fred Owens from Abilene, Texas. Fred Owens makes yearly trips to see the Braves play with his son and explains what he’s going to do with his big winnings in the video below:


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