D.H. Stanton Elementary Senior Trip

The Atlanta Braves have teamed up with Daniel H. Stanton Elementary school for a long-term partnership to help improve reading performance, decrease absenteeism, increase parent participation and encourage physical activity among students.

5th Graders from D.H. Stanton Elementary

5th Graders from D.H. Stanton Elementary

On Friday, May 10, we welcomed D.H. Stanton’s 5th grade class to Turner Field for their “senior trip.” The visit was an opportunity to celebrate an outstanding school year and congratulate the students as they head off to middle school. The students were treated to a special behind-the-scenes tour of the entire stadium, created Mother’s Day cards, took group pictures and then enjoyed a picnic lunch at Sky Field.

5th Graders from D.H. Stanton Elementary tour Turner Field

5th Graders from D.H. Stanton Elementary tour Turner Field

During their tour, the students had a chance to see inside a luxury suite, sit in the press box, and peek into the Braves clubhouse. After the students saw into the clubhouse, they walked down the same tunnel as the umpires and sat in the visitors’ dugout. After spending a little over an hour on the tour (and walking a little over a mile!), the students visited the Atlanta Braves Museum and Hall of Fame – exploring all of the exhibits and watching historical film.

IMG_2069 IMG_2070

Following the tour and museum visit, they trekked back up to Sky Field, which is located at the very top of the stadium, to create home-made cards for their moms. After an half an hour of arts and crafts, lunch was served and the kids headed back to school – just in time for dismissal.

IMG_2072 IMG_2073 IMG_2074

The Atlanta Braves are proud to partner with D.H. Stanton Elementary and hope to see many more fifth graders on their way to middle school!


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Great blog, great cause! Keep up the great work.

I can only praise the Braves after witnessing the ballclub in the current series with the Dodgers; that is a championship atmosphere, environment, and mentality right there! As a depressed Dodgers fan, I can only tip my cap.

Be sure to check out my weekly Dodger blog for a British perspective on baseball – http://britishdodger.mlblogs.com/

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